BONUS- How to Sell in 200 Words

Email is one thing, but selling, sales and all this stuff can be daunting, fearful and quite emotive.

In our goal to remove the fear and stigma surrounding selling, as well as make selling more accessible for anyone who wishes to learn, we have reduced the art of selling to 200 words.

Technically it's 197 words as the three word title is included in the 200.... but who's counting...

If you feel fearful, overwhelmed or just not sure then read these words and reset your thinking. Sales isn't easy but it's simple enough.

So here it is:

How to sell

Sales is about communication. (Surprise!)

It’s about people and finding a connection between what they need and what you offer.

You are in business to service a client need. Never forget this.

Learn as much as you can about what your clients need.

Relate what your clients need to what you offer.

Learn about the context of why clients are buying.

Relate this to what you offer.

Create an image of how your product or service will benefit the client.

Talk about the end result. Not the journey.

Talk about the benefits of what you offer, not the features.

If you do talk about features, explain what they mean for the client.

Speak in a language your client will understand. Understand their perspective.

Be honest. If you lie. You lose.

Don’t push your clients. You may push them away.

Ask for questions. Ask for feedback. Keep improving.

The easier you are to deal with, the easier it is to buy from you.

Seek to serve and add value- not to “sell”

You are a buyer of things yourself. If you don’t like pressure and techniques, then don’t use them on your buyers.

Above all else. Be nice.

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