Why email is so crucial to your sales efforts

Why is email so crucial?

Firstly, email is used in Volume. Over 205B emails are sent each day around the world-you just can’t ignore something of that scale.

It’s quick, easy and free. Email has no barriers to entry- it’s simple and quick to create and send emails and there is no cost.

Email is scalable- you can send to hundreds or thousands of people all over the world in one click.

Email allows for automation- for the use of autoresponders and out of office to continue a conversation with no human interaction.

It’s likely that you already use email to sell in your business, so it makes sense to learn how to get the most out of it.

Knowing how to use email as a selling tool gives you an unfair advantage in the marketplace- many salespeople and businesses aren’t aware or don’t take the time to learn the psychology and nuances of using email.

Finally the scale of email is unprecedented, it’s been reported that there are more email enabled phones in the world than actual people. Email is here to stay.

THAT is why email, and learning how to use it as a sales tool are so crucial.

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